JOY - Choose Your Own Adventure
Subconsciously our thoughts trigger our actions and our feelings guide us in the right direction providing we pay attention to them.  When we view our thoughts and feelings as energetic vibrations, then holding positive thoughts leading to positive feelings keeps us in a positive vibration.  Then the law of attraction kicks in which simply means, what we give our thoughts, energy and attention to, we attract into our lives whether we like it or not. 
By aligning the power of our thoughts with our feelings also known as emotions, we realize that we are incredibly powerful magnets with some serious attractor factor. This makes it especially important to keep our eye on the prize, focus on good thoughts and stay away from anything and anyone negative. 
When we truly realize how powerful our thoughts are, we wouldn't think negatively!  Remember that we usually manifest what we focus on whether positive or negative so become exceptionally good at training our minds to think positively as often as possible is key for a better life experience.
When we get appreciation or show gratitude we are actually raising our positive vibration to match how we are feeling. Usually when we are moved to respond blissfully we are happily feeling joy, which is the ultimate positive emotion! Joy is true north and an excellent guide for the roadmap of life especially when we closely pay attention to creating more joy in our life.
The speed at which we achieve our goals are in direct proportion to how much we are allowing joy to flow into our lives. So it is in focusing on our goals positively that we start the process of attaining all that we desire in our life.  We then have the ability to raise our own vibration through living a life that is found in the feeling of joy.
When we are vibrating at a higher frequency our magnetism becomes exponentially more powerful and we begin the manifestation process much more effectively than when we are focusing on low resonating emotions such as anger, grief, shame, guilt, hatred or sorrow. These negative feelings hold us back.  Bad vibes stunt our personal growth so therefore it is key to make positive choices to feel higher resonating emotions in any situation whether good or bad. We do have an element of control over what we choose to feel so choose wisely!
Even though life comes in hills and valleys, every day of our lives good things happen that bring us pleasure and bad things happen that could fill us with pain.  The greatest realization we can have on our journey is that life is ‘for’ us and not ’to’ us. When we understand that all experiences weather positive or negative are created for us to guide our evolution, then it is easier to choose the feeling of joy because we know that everything we go through is for our betterment as human beings.
Remember that life will be much better when you choose to feel experiences with joy versus sorrow. Seek the silver lining in the cloud and understand that each negative experience has a positive opportunity for you to discover, learn from and feel good about it.

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