The DYNAMO Show hosted by James Erdt, Chief Architect of WOW for DYNAMO Entrepreneur, interviews visionaries, though-leaders and game-changers who are 'Living Well & Doing Good' in their communities and around the world. 

See 57 past episodes with 166 guests on YouTube here:  
James Erdt is a sought-after speaker, award winning author, success coach and philanthropist plus the public TV Host of ‘The DYNAMO Show’. He has been featured on Rogers TV, CBC, CBS, Breakfast Television, City TV, Muchmusic, That Channel and in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News as well as numerous fitness magazines and websites. 
Through his practical real world guidance, James inspires others how to find the passion, courage, strength and most importantly, the available resources to live out their dreams with purpose. His mission statement is “Sustainably empowering people, prosperity and planet!”
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